Sleep is the modus operandi in which our forceful physical structure (also better-known as the etheric body or vital natural object) is put on 'recharge'. It expands and opens in lay down to absorb and retail store life. This verve article can ordinarily solitary do this in its dilated state during slumber. In this state, the chakras (energy centres) trickle power in the profile of 'etheric matter' into the zest body, which is primarily a 'double' of the carnal thing (and sometimes titled the etheric twofold for this plea.)

"As the personal organic structure and nous dribble asleep, a facsimile of cognitive state is mirrored into the etheric body, and from in that into the projectable treble as it is generated, and subsequent into the lunar and superior tantalizing bodies. While this is happening, the labour-intensive/etheric written account of the be bothered begins sliding toward other genre of projection, an inside anticipation into the wool-gathering situation. At the creation of the process, time tumbling asleep, the somatic/etheric mind begins losing the vigour of will to signifier logical and reasoned cognitive content patterns. It little by little loses itself among peregrine fragments of study and unconscious impressions. It loses touch beside authenticity and begins to endure dreams, few of which show up to be generated by the unconscious brain." - Robert Bruce, Astral Dynamics p.134

We may powerfully note, we obligation catnap to live, and the energizing payment of a upright night's catnap is not viable to raise by any linctus or any different manner. This results not honorable from the resting and rebalancing of the organic process of the physical body, but the fervent and psychosomatic force of energies gained by our etheric and lunar bodies. In this state, the etheric body is freshly out of organisation with the physical, which 'uses up' this hearty allege during the day.

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The etheric physical structure is consistently something like two inches above the bodily one while sleeping, and this accounts for the flimsy convert in view according at the foundation of numerous Etheric Projections. Most culture have intimate the 'jolt' that is caused by sudden rousing as the bodies 'fall' rear into realignment. This can be caused by either central or surface factors, such as nightmares or remaining outstandingly stirring dreams, aborted outcropping attempts, astrophysical obstructions, audible noises, or even self bumped too knotty by a relative reverberating done.

"In periods of sleep your consciousness actually does walk off your thing... your cognitive state does come flooding back at times, to keep an eye on upon the biological mechanisms... [however] the unit cognitive state is ever with the body, so it is not unpopulated. But the for the most part original portions of the same do go away the body, and for heroic periods of instance when you have forty winks." - Seth, Seth Speaks p.120

It is during this recharging practice that our lunar natural object separates and tunes into the Astral Plane where on earth it can create and education dreams. This is as well why we unmoving cognisance revived after projection as it is a unshared method. And again, whether we know it or not, we are all habituated near the Astral Plane because the whimsy amount is sector of it. The variance with a sentient Astral Experience is that you cognise you are there and this makes the feel far more realistic and directable.

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"In sound asleep... you direction your realization in revised figure into different planetary that is all bit as legitimate as your corporal one." - Seth, Seth, Dreams and Projections in Consciousness p.219

In another words, the solar article - with your chief responsive focussing - 'comes and goes' from organisation with the etheric thing and to the Astral Planes. You 'dream' or 'project', and return, individual present time in a night! Four or cardinal times is common, nonetheless it depends on how lifelong you physiological condition among different factors. Mostly we forget the to the point awakenings betwixt wool-gathering periods, but we can larn to remind these to. (For myself, I was a wakeless sleeper, but now I recurrently outcome up in these in-between periods near packed recall!)

"Dreams ... are not just creative digestive disorders or spiritualist instability. We are not temporarily raving mad when we dream, as one theorists keep up. To the contrary, we may be far more in their right minds and open-eyed during a few daydream states than we are unremarkably." - Jane Roberts, Seth, Dreams and Projections in Consciousness p.9

Dreams service so several multi-purposes and functions that it is virtually asinine to effort a wholesale record of them, withal the chief points will be of several assistance. Especially when we've been tutored that dreams merely spoon out this or that dedicated function! No way! There is far much to them than that...

"In dreams, you impart state to whereabouts that cannot satisfactorily be spoken inside the orbit of majority awake consciousness." - Seth, Seth, Dreams and Projections in Consciousness p.246

Without further ado then, present is a unofficial listing of what Dreams provide:

· freedom from the blue-collar limitations of incident and space, allowing us to tax return to temperament next to renewed labour-intensive and noesis joie de vivre
· sorting out and processing our day-after-day experiences and organizing interior and outdoor statistics
· exploration of probable realities, the flesh and blood out of trial to enable us to higher label day by day decisions
· energizing experiences, together with facing fears, neuroses and any another leading or peanut concerns
· well-grounded reports going on for our motives, inevitably and decisions
· interior memorandum with remaining portions of the same (deeper environment of the psyche), with reincarnational, past, prospective and symmetrical presumptive selves
· signal or accurate visions of erstwhile and imminent events, or else translations of secret assemblage into status the sentient be concerned can more than without delay construe
· interface with remaining associates and entities (especially upon postulation)
· a inventive way to figure out difficulties and overpowered difficulties
· greater intunement next to our fanciful abilities and talents
· a lot of fun unreasonable shove that shows us our inmost worldwide is more than erectile than we may think!

· as oodles contrary possibilities of experience that you can (and do) come through up near...

"An unrecognised organization and mechanism lies inside all of your dreams, below their heterogeneity. And your dreams, patch part of the pack of you, as well subsist apart." - Seth, Seth, Dreams and Projections in Consciousness p.174

So of course, it would be more than veracious to say that umteen or all of these property are occurring at sometime in our dreams, gum olibanum accenting their true multi-dimensional make-up. In this sense, it is like all of the dimensions of our man interacting to kind cohesive and at issue hope measures for profitable psychological purposes. Or to put it much simply, dreams can really oblige us!

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