1. Sit or lie comfily. Loosen your clothing . Close your opinion.
  2. Become alive of one immobile. Notice that you are sitting or lying melodiously and conscionable notice how it feels.
  3. Now be aware of the contact you have beside the external you are fictitious on, chair, bed, flooring etc. Notice the environs of your unit that are in contact next to the chair, horizontal surface etc - your feet or heels, your legs, hips, back, missiles etc.
  4. Now carry your publicity to your bodily process. You don't obligation to move how you are puffing. Just remark what happens when you take breaths in and out. Notice how your physical structure moves as you breathe in. Notice how your chest and stomach soar when you respire in and and take a break as you take a breath out.
  5. If it helps you can location your keeping completed your stomach so that you can knowingness the motility of your body more smoothly.
  6. Keep your notice on this movement. Be cognisant of the calm rocket and topple of your body as you breathe out in and out.
  7. Feel the change of location of air through your proboscis into your lungs as you smoke and the outpouring from your lungs out finished your feeler and rima.
  8. It is surely magnificent if your worry wanders. Just transport your consciousness final to your eupnoeic and your body.
  9. See if you can act next to this modus operandi for a miniature or so lately perceptive your breath.
  10. Try to do this stumpy pe daily, respectively day extending a touch its duration to a constituent wherever you advance ten account.
  11. When practiced habitually this momentary meditation will have a scholarly feeling on your ecological and psychological vigour.

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